Thursday, October 15, 2009

Book Review- To Kill a Mockingbird

Everybody it seems had to read this book in high school. Everybody except me. I have made a list of books everyone else seems to have read except me and To Kill A Mockingbird was right at the very top.

I started the book several times. Starting this book sleepy will just make you fall asleep but reading the middle and end of this book before bed will just keep you awake. This book became real to me. I love and respected characters in it and I hated others. I found myself saying how horrible and mean a certain person was until I remembered he was just a character in a book I was reading.

To Kill a Mockingbird embodies everything that is so wonderful and awful about America all in one. At the end of it, you understand why America struggles. You understand that there are people who serve no interest but to make themselves feel better. They want to be the ones that can sleep at night even if it means the rest of the world burns. You also understand why America isn't continually burning with the contempt of these individuals because there are good people who genuinely care about other people who are trying to put out the fires.

I have read so many books that have touched but this one broke my heart. I felt heartbroken because I know that if To Kill a Mockingbird had happened in real life it would have played out very similarly as it did in the book. My one hope for this country is the knowledge that it if were to happen today with the exact same situation, lying witnesses and all, that there would have been a jury willing to stand up for someone telling the truth simply because they were telling the truth.

I loved to Kill a Mockingbird. Our country could sure use a more people like Atticus Finch right now.
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