Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Book Review- The Glass Castle

I have met a lot of bad parents in my life. My parents did foster care, so seeing parents that can't take care of their children is nothing new too me but this book still floored me. I couldn't believe full grown adults could act so childish.

In this book the children become the adults, finding ways to survive by digging through trash and taking care of each other while the adults indulge themselves on candy and alcohol. The kids are the ones who want to escape the life of homelessness while the parents thrive on it. They were homeless because it was the easiest thing to be. They didn't have to report to a job everyday or go anywhere specific everyday, they could just wander around and they like it that way.

Even when this family wasn't homeless the kids were the parents. The mom couldn't even get herself up in the morning to go to work. The kids would have to wake her and shove her out the door. It sickened me to see these children's childhood snatch away from them.

It was a sad book, but it was also a tale of children becoming strong and triumphing. I would recommend. It was one of those books whose story was so unbelievable that you can't look away.
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