Sunday, November 22, 2009

Book Review- The Princess Diaries

This book has been on my to read list forever, practically since the movie came out. I finally got around to it last week and it was a cute story. It wasn't the compelling type of book that I want to read over and over again but since it was a quick read, I think it was worth it.

I was surprised about how similar and completely different the book and the movie were all at the same time. There are things about the book that the movie portrays so beautifully and then there are moments in the movie that leave you flipping back through the book wondering where the screen play writers got that idea. (I am not saying the movie isn't great, Lorene pointed out to me that it sounds like I am saying the book is better. No way. This is one of the only times I will say this. THE MOVIE was better.)

The biggest changes (I don't have a problem telling you them because if you choose to read you find out in the first pages.) Mia's dad is still alive in the book and you really hate the grandmother's character. That last part I was especially torn about. I love the grandmother in the movie and so hating her in the book seemed wrong to me. This dilemma is usually why I have a strict read the book before you see the movie policy, so I don't get hooked up on characters because I like the actress that plays them.

Josh is just a jerky and Lily's brother is just as sweet. I did like this book but not enough that I couldn't put it down or I am going to die without it on my shelf. It is worth it, if you need a small escape from the world that isn't going to depress you but you aren't looking for the best written book out there with characters in it that you can't get enough of.

I am glad I read it but honestly I don't see myself picking up the sequels any time in the future.
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