Thursday, December 3, 2009

Candy Christmas Ornaments

Need more cute ornaments for your tree? We made these out of Styrofoam balls, Spice Drops, Hot Glue, Red Hots and ribbon.

Here's how. You get 2 inch Styrofoam balls. They are already pretty heavy at this size, so you probably don't want to any bigger or it might start breaking tree branches or falling off. Glue the spice drops (or gum drops, they just don't sell gum drops here in the RGV) all around the Styrofoam ball. Squish the bottom of some of the drops if you need to squeeze them into tighter space. Leave a small opening at what you want to be the top of the ornament. Most boxes of drops come in assorted colors so we separated them into what we thought were cute color combinations but we did some rainbow ones too.

After your drops are in place, get a loop of ribbon and a small push pin. Put the push pin through the ribbon and then push it in to the small opening you left at the top. Put a dab of glue there so it will stay. They glue color coordinating skittle or red hots over the top of the pin so it isn't noticeable. Voila!
We also crushed candy canes and rolled the balls in them, using hot glue. Cute, but I burned my fingers a million times!

Since there is so much hot glue used in this project, this is probably a nap time/kids in school project.
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