Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Crafts with Kids part 1 of 3

This are super fun and easy ornaments for your tree. This craft probably work a little better with older children if you use glass ornaments or any age if you use plastic. I have never personally used plastic ones so I am not sure how they would turn out.

First of all you need clear ornaments. You can use any size. I was doing these for a birthday party so I picked smaller ones.

Then you pick two colors of acrylic paint. Two colors work really well. If you start adding too many more you just get a muddy brown. Add a small dab to the inside of the ball. Roll the ball around until paint covers all of the walls. If you are having a hard time getting it to coat the walls, add a little more paint.

Then leaving the cap off, put the ornaments upside down in an egg carton, or whatever you have lying around to let the excess paint drip out.
When they are dry, put the caps back on and hang on your tree. Beautiful ornaments, that are cheap and easy to make. The little kids love rolling the paint around in them too!
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