Friday, December 4, 2009

How to bow holders

If your little girl is anything like mine, she has a million bows. They are literary everywhere in our house. This our simple solution to keep them neat.

First you need a wooden shape. You can usually buy these for about a dollar at a craft store.

My husband wanted our little girl's bow holders to be special so he carved the wooden piece himself.
Then you need to paint it to match your decor. Cut a piece of white grosgrain ribbon, mine are a couple of feet long. Using hot glue, hot glue the ribbon on the back of your wooden piece. Then glue, don't nail, one of those saw tooth hangers onto the back. Most of the wood pieces are so thin that if you nail it, it will poke through to the other side.
Add pipe cleaners, buttons or any other embellishments that you want to have on it.
Voila! A place to store your bows.
We love these. We have two and are in desperate need of a third.


Sheena said...

I love mine! Thanks again for making that for Amie!

Lu said...

These are so cute! Have you seen the bow holders that they make like those message boards, with the ribbons crisscrossed across a stuffed board thingy?

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

That is so awesome that he carved that himself!!! WOW!