Thursday, December 10, 2009

Photo Thursdays

I love crafting, cooking and reviewing things but my really passion is photography. I am starting photo Thursdays, to give everywhere basic photo instruction to help everyone have just generally better photographs.

My advice this Thursday, only works for PC users. Update:A friend just told me they were able to download picasa onto their Mac. Wahoo! Picasa didn't work on Macs before! Get Picasa. It is free and it is wonderful, especially for those that can't afford photo shop. Go Here to download it for free.

Picasa will import all of your pictures into its program and will allow you to organize all of them within the program.
Then you can click on pictures to make them bigger.
It has all of the basic functions you need such as being able to crop photographs.
It has basic tuning. You can add more fill light, highlights, shadows or play with the color temperature.
It also has basic special effects options.
You can sharpen photos, turn them sepia or black and white, add a tint, soft focus and the like.
Picasa is really fabulous for those easy basic fixes. So if you don't have it and you want better photos and can't afford photoshop this is your first basic step. I have photo shop and I still use picasa for photo organization and such.


Megh said...

Great tip! Did you mean that Mac users can't get picasa? Beacause I just downloaded it to my Mac. I wonder if I got something less cool than what PC users can get... ? Anyway, I'm excited for photo Thursdays! I need tips!

Debra Joy said...

Thanks for the tip Meghan, on being able to use it on a Mac. For the longest time the program was only for PCS. YAY! My mom will be thrilled!

Lu said...

I heart Picasa. I wish I knew more about it, but what little I know, I love. :) Can you explain to me the best way to keep my pictures organized and correlated with web albums? I'm sure I could figure it out but I will never spend the time so I will shamelessly take advantage of your skills...