Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to create a multi-image using Picasa- Photo Thursdays

This is my most asked question. How do I create a multi-image? Places like JC Penney Portraits charge as much as $30 for one of these. I am going to show you how to create your own using Picasa. First of all, you need to select the pictures you want to use. I tend to like things in odd numbers such as 3 or 5 but it is up to you. ( If you are new to these tutorials please go here to learn more tricks and how to dowload Picasa. )

Highlight all of the pictures you want to use in your multi. If you they are not in the same location, hold down control to highlight each one.

Once you have selected them, you can either go to the top menu called create that I have circled in the image below and then go down the menu until you see the words picture collage or you can use the shortcut button in the bottom middle that says collage.
It will then automatically generate a collage for you. Obviously it isn't a great one, so we need to do some tweaking.
On the far left control panel, there is a box with color in it. Click on the box and then drag your cursor around to get the color for your background.
When you have selected your background color, you need to click the bar below the color box. It says page format. You then need to select the size you are going to print the collage. I tend to print all of my collages as at least 8x10s. If you get much smaller than that it gets hard to see all of the images.

You can also change the style of your collage. I think Picasa automatically chooses a picture pile for you. Click the drop down menu that says picture pile and then select your style from the menu. You have the options of picture pile, mosaic, framed mosaic, grid, contact sheet and multiple exposure. Select the one that works best for you collage.
In the picture below, I have selected mosaic as my style for the collage.
You can then change the room between the picture with slider bar right above the background color selection called grid spacing. The more you slide it to the right the more space there is between your pictures. If you hate which order it has put your pictures in, hit the scramble collage or shuffle pictures button at the bottom center of the program screen.
I created a few more of the collages so you could see the styles. The one below is the grid style.
The one below is the multiple exposure picture.
The one below is a picture pile. In picture pile mode, you have the option of moving the pictures around and make them bigger and smaller. Click on a picture, a circle will appear as it has on the far left picture on the collage. Grabbing the small circle, with the colored center, will allow you to change the angle of the picture and make it bigger or smaller. When you are done with a picture just click off of it.
When your collage is just way you want it, hit create collage. It is in the left column of editing tools towards the bottom. It will appear as a draft until it is finished being created.
It will be saved out in your library under a collages folder. There you have it. An easy way to make a collage of your little one.
If there is anything else about collages you want to know or if I wasn't clear on something let me know and I will help you out!
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