Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to put text on your photos - Photo Thursdays

(Photo Thursdays is designed to help average people learn how to make their photos better. All the tutorials are done using Picasa which is a free program from Google. Go here to download it and join in the fun. If you want to read the rest of my tutorials and get caught up, go here.)

Do you want to know how to write on your photos? Do you have a collage that made with one of my past tutorials that can use a cute saying at the bottom? Let me show you how.

First double click on a photo so the it enlarges. On the menu bar on the left you will see an icon that says text underneath it. I have circled to make it easy to find.
You photo will then appear with a slightly transparent text that says "Type anywhere to add text." Find the the part of the picture you want text and click at the point you want the text to start.
Once you've clicked just start typing.
Once your text is on the page by clicking in the circle box next to the T on the far left side of the screen you can change your text color. If you click on the T in the middle of the box, you can change the outline color of the text.
The slider that is circle in the picture below allows you to add a heavier outline or no outline at all. Just slide it to the ride for a heavier outline.
Then at the top of the menu on the left, you can change the fonts and the sizes. You can also bold, italicize and underline.
After you have your fonts the way you want them, you can select the transparency of your text with the slider I have circled in the photo below. It will allow you to fade your text so it isn't quite so bold.
There you have it. An easy, simple way to add text to your photos for free!

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Lu said...

Okay, so every time you post one of these, I feel dumb. I've had Picasa for, oh, three years. And I had no idea I could do any of this in Picasa!