Saturday, January 2, 2010

Photo Thursdays- How to do minor touchups in Picasa

Hey guys. I am finally back in the full swing of blogging. Christmas was kind of hectic for all of us I will venture to say. I know it isn't Thursday but I thought I would throw a tutorial in for everyone to get back into the swing of life. It is so irritating when you have a spot in a picture of a zit on your face that you just wish you could get rid of but you can't afford photo shop. Now anyone can do small fixes using Picasa. If you haven't already download Picasa, then click on my Photo Thursdays label to read more tutorials with it.

Here is how to fix those small problems. Do you see that annoying speck in my picture? You should be able to because I circled it for you. Well, let me show you how to get rid of it.

First, double click on the picture in your library to make it big. The retouch tool is in the left most column, the third one down. Click the on the retouch tool.
It will take you to the screen below. There is a little slider underneath the heading brush size. Slide the slider to the right for a bigger brush and the left for a smaller brush. Brush size is important, especially when you are covering up small areas, such a a small zit. You don't want to change more than is necessary.
Get the right size brush for your project. I left my brush right in the middle. The little circle in the corner of the picture below is the actual brush from Picasa. Click on the area you want to change. Move the brush away until the area looks like you want it to. Sometimes you need to move it over several parts of the screen to get the exact look. When it looks like you want it to, click the brush right where you are again. Voila, a cleaner picture!
I hope you all have fun cleaning up life's little imperfections. Make sure you hit the Save to Disk button over each folder in the main library section or all your work will be for naught.
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