Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photo Thursdays- Organizing all of your photos using Picasa.

Organizing all of your photos using Picasa. If you are new to photo Thursdays go here to catch up and learn how to download Picasa for FREE!

Every time you load pictures onto your computer, Picasa should find them and load them into Picasa. If it doesn't automatically do this, go FILE and then Add folder to Picasa. Find the folder you want to add from the list and click on it. Make the sure the menu bar on the right is clicked to scan always in case you add more pictures to the folder and then you are on your way.

OK, not that your pictures are all in Picasa, what do you do? Well, your digital pictures have a digital timestamps assigned to them so they should automatically go to the right place on your time line. Unless, the time and date on your camera are set wrong then you are going to have to manually fix them. So here is how you manually fix the pictures as well as scanned in pictures.

Find the folder you want to redate. Right click on the folder. Select the first option which is Edit Folder Description.

The folder properties box will open up for you. Hit the scroll down bar on the date and then use the calendar to find the right date.

Sometimes you can't get the date right on but you can get close. Even just the right year is better than nothing. Have fun reorganizing your Picasa!

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