Sunday, January 31, 2010

Picture Block Puzzle

Have you seen these fun blocks around? I wanted to make a set but everyone said the blocks we really expensive. I found the six blocks for about $3.00 and then I used a 40 percent off coupon so they ended up being a good deal.

You will need blocks, a sponge brush, white Elmer's glue or Modge Podge and your favorite 4x6 photos.
Line the pictures up on the blocks and trim off the excess. Modge Podge the pictures on by gluing them down and then coating the top with a thin layer of glue. I know the purists are going to be mad that I used glue instead of modge podge but honestly? I am cheap and I need to make my projects more affordable.
When it dries. Use a knife and cut the blocks apart. Turn the blocks and then repeat until the sides are all covered.
My thoughts on it afterward? I would be more careful to use photos that wouldn't require me slicing through faces so much or photos where the face was much bigger so it didn't matter if I sliced through it.
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