Sunday, January 17, 2010

Valentine's Box Ideas #1

It is almost that time of year. When little kids make Valentine's boxes to take to school. I have a few ideas that I like to share on the Valentine's front.

This is actually my mother's idea because the little girl in the photo is actually me. A bear is super easy to make. All you need is a Kleenex box and four toilet paper rolls, brown paper and a small amount of fabric. Cover the Kleenex box with the brown paper as well as the toilet paper rolls. Cut out small paws and put them on the front of the toilet paper rolls. Attach the rolls at each of the corners of your box. Cut out 2 bear shaped pieces for the top. Stuff toilet paper between them to make it 3D and then glue them together. Draw your teddy bear's face and then attach it to the front of your box. Tie a bow with your fabric and glue it over where you attached the head to hide the attaching place. Cut a slit in the box behind the head and Voila. A Valentine's box!


Bridget said...

So cute! Even though my kids aren't in school yet, I think we might need to make some boxes. Very fun!

Lu said...

Aww, cute Debra and her teddy bear. :) This is such a cute idea!