Saturday, February 6, 2010

a 12-month multi image

The latest creation to come out of this house? A multi-image of our daughter, Sofie. Since I am obsessed with photos, my husband was terrified when our little girl was born that I would wall paper our house with 16x20s of her. We made a deal, if I would take pictures of her each month, he would make a multi of all of the images at the end of the year and I could order a 16x20 of it. He came through on his end of the bargain finishing it up tonight. What do you think?


Lu said...

Oh. My. Word. I love it! With your photography and Seth's design, you two are set to take over the world. When you do and all earth-dwellers become your minions, can I at least be a head minion of some sort?

Steve and Ashley said...

I think... I want one. ;) What a doll. We sure miss her. ( and you guys of course...)