Monday, March 15, 2010

How to make a boo-boo box

Everybody should have a first-aid kit. Everybody should also have a boo-boo box to keep mom's from going insane. This idea was born more than 20 years ago. As an extremely dramatic child, I felt I needed a band-aid on every tiny scratch. Since my mom did not want me in her complex first-aid kit, she would have to help me every time. We both became frustrated, because I insisted I NEEDED those band-aids and she insisted that I didn't. Thus the boo-boo box was born.

This box contained Neosporin and band-aids. It was really simple but it also didn't contain anything really dangerous and so it could be left down where the kids could get it. My mom's was just a Tupperware container. I decided to make mine a little bit cuter.

I found a container at the dollar store and bought some fun scrapbook paper. I then cut four strips to fit the sides and modge podge them one at a time onto it.
I threw my basic supplies in the box and then finished the lid.
Now, I am sure you could come up with the cutest lid ever, but I am crazy nostalgic and this is what the lid of the original box looks like. So I stuck to it. Now the tradition of the boo-boo box continues.

P.S. We are all grown adults now and my mom still has her boo-boo box in her cupboard and we still all use it. It really beats having to get down the first aid kit everytime you need a Band- Aid.
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