Friday, March 26, 2010

How to make a boo-boo bunny

I was obsessed with these as a kid. Probably because they are really easy and don't require sewing. You have probably all made these a bajillion times but just in case you haven't, here's a quick tutorial.

You will need: A washcloth (I think the light colored ones turn out nicer but that could be just me. I love the ones with a small accent like the red striped above. It adds a little something)
a rubber band
a piece of ribbon
a marker or googly eyes to make a face

Take your washcloth and and fold it into a triangle. Starting with the small, pointed end, roll the washcloth up, until you have a single roll. Now fold you roll of washcloth in half. Then fold it in half again. Then wrap you rubber band around the front of the second fold. This is the bunny's head. You want to leave plenty of room for there to be floppy ears. Fluff its ears up. There should be a circle in the back. This is where the ice cube goes when a little one has a boo-boo. Tie your ribbon around the rubber band. Make a face for you bunny. I drew my on with a marker because my little girl is still small enough that she would eat googly eyes if they came off.

I still have such fond memories of these bunnies. Probably because I was a bit of a drama queen and often thought I needed a band-aid or an ice cube for my so called owie.
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