Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to make a floating frame

First you need two frames that are bigger than the picture you want to frame. I bought two wood frames at the dollar store. They are document size frames, which is perfect for a 5x7 pictures.

You only need to sand down one of the frames but the first frame I sanded down turned out really good and I couldn't bring myself to paint it. Enter the other frame, I sanded it and then spray painted it black. I then tour off the hooks on the back.
I centered my picture and then just used the two pieces of glass from both frames to smash it and keep it in the right place. I know some people use adhesive to make it stay but I didn't want any chance of marks in the frame.
Then you hot glue the corners of the glass together. Then I hot glued a ribbon on the back to hold it up. Yes, I know my picture is being held up by a nasty orange thumb tack but I am not allowed to use my husband's drill at the moment. The orange thumb tack will be around until he decides to let me use it again or do it himself.

Why am I banned from the drill you ask? It has something to do with the Scrabble bracelets I made awhile back.
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