Friday, March 5, 2010

How to make a medical ID bracelet for a child

( My idea was originally based off this tutorial here before I had to modify it to fit my needs.) I am also going on day 2 of a severe migraine so if anything doesn't make sense, leave a comment and I will correct it.

My sweet little girl has some pretty severe allergies. Her allergies are so severe that the doctor requested she wear an medical ID bracelet. She is at the age where she will eat off of just about every body's plate and not yet old enough to protect herself from those dangers, so we had to come with something.

I remembered seeing this Make it and Love it tutorial awhile ago and the basic concept was great but I needed to change it to fit my needs so here is what I did.

I bought enough half inch ribbon to go around her little wrist . I bought a long strip of Velcro that was the width of the ribbon. A small amount of vinyl and piece of contrasting fabric or bias tape.

The original tutorial, had the vinyl going all the way around but I needed this bracelet to be as comfortable as possible to have any chance of my little girl leaving it on. I went with using a small amount of bias tape that I had to cut down.
I had my husband make her a little medical symbol with her allergies .
Then I cut out a small piece of vinyl to go over the paper. I placed the paper on the ribbon and then the vinyl. I then wrapped the bias tape around the edges. I had to greatly trim it down because I used such small ribbon. I then stitched all around it with my machine.
I use a massive amount of Velcro so it would be hard for her to peel off and it has worked great. She leaves the bracelet on because there are few irritants, (it is mostly just the ribbon) and it stays put because of the Velcro.
This was a messy project. I struggled a few times before I finally got it right. It was the best choice though, one of the fancy medical ID bracelets would have costs us $25 and she wouldn't have liked the metal touching her skin. This cost me less than $5 and I have a lot of materials left over to make her another one if I need to.
I decided to upload the paper templates so you can easily make one if you want to. They print for a 1/2 piece of ribbon. One of the them is blank except for the medical symbol, the other says "Allergic to:" With a space to write in the allergies. Go here to download the PDF

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