Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Make a satin flower belt

Remember these cuties? Go here to learn to make them.

I have seen these belts all over the web but since I can't afford to spend money on a ribbon/flower belt, I made up my own. I made three of the flowers, with three layers each. I then found a piece of satin ribbon and measured it so that it went just over the length of my torso.
I then took sew-on Velcro and sewed it on the ends of the ribbon, making sure it would fit comfortably when I was wearing it. I then too three flowers (you could use as few or as many as you want) and glue them using the same glue I used for the flowers onto the belt. I glued them over the Velcro so that it wouldn't show at all and appear to me a seamless piece of ribbon.

I wore mine the other day, not with the shirt pictured that was just a to show you guys shot, and I really enjoyed it. It is fun to wear and super cheap to make.
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