Monday, April 26, 2010

How to do a simple applique

Do you have shirts laying around for your kids that are just plain? I picked up this blue onesie sometimes back, but I thought it needed some spunk. So here is what I did.

1. Decided what I wanted on the shirt. After I decided on a butterfly, I went online and found a butterfly picture that I liked. I then printed out the butterfly at a a reduced size.
2. I traced my butterfly onto Heat n' Bond paper.
3. I then ironed the paper to my shirt.
4. Knowing that my child is rough on her clothes, I then sewed a small zigzag stitch on my machine around the outline of the butterfly.

Voila! A whole new look. You don't necessarily have to sew the zigzag but it is less likely to come off your children's clothes if you do. You can also applique over ugly logos on your kid's shirts.
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