Friday, May 7, 2010

Book Review- Artemis Fowl


I gave into the Percy Jackson phenomenon, I thought I might as well give Artemis Fowl a try. Artemis Fowl (the main character, as well as the title,) is the person almost every kid would love to be. At age 12, he is a genius mastermind and this time, he is going to ransom the fairies. Yup, I said fairies. This book is a little bit the Italian Job meets Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. It is an interesting story with a good twist on the typical fantasy characters. You meet some of the top fairies in this book, who are more war generals than fairy God mothers. The humans are the bad characters in the book, while you sympathize with them none the less.

It was a pretty fun read. It was extremely easy reading and I had it finished in a couple of hours. I recommend this book mostly to people who don't hate books written for children. The writing style drove me crazy sometimes, it was a little too simplistic and it lacked the depth I wanted. However, I would remember it was written for children and feel better. If you are looking for emotional depth and meaning read something else. If you want a fun, easy read, try this.

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Laura PARING DOWN said...

Thanks for the review. My son loved Artemis Fowl when he was younger.

:) Laura