Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesdays on the Web: Just fun

In taking a break from the tech-heavy, make-you-think stuff we've been doing the last few weeks, here are three web apps to check out during naptime:

The Geocities-izer
Remember Geocities? Back when the internet was young, Geocities allowed just about anyone to create a website. (The service is now only available in Japan.) The Geocities-izer lets you return to those days by time-warping any website to what it would have looked like in 1996. Turn on your speakers and check out your blog circa 1996! Or click here to see Housewife Eclectic Geocities-ized. Be sure to also check out the links to see YouTube and the New York Times Geocities-ized. You won't regret it (probably...).

Know Your States
How well do you remember your 5th grade geography? Or high school geography for that matter? See how accurately you can drag-and-drop the states with no outlines to guide you. It's randomized so you'll never get the states in the same order! My first try I got 41 perfect on the first try (82%) in 377 seconds with an average error of 31 miles. Let me know your geography skills match up. :)

The Songtapper
Have you ever had a song stuck in your head but you can't remember the title? or even the words sometimes? This happens at my house all. the. time. to the rescue! One visit to The Songtapper will give you the name of the song interrupting your mental train. You have to be sure to only tap the melody of the song (one tap for each syllable you sing) and not the musical interludes. I've had about a 50% success rate, and better success with pop songs. If The Songtapper doesn't know your song, you can tell it the name of the song and it will learn from your tapping. Talk about a smart app. :)

And,  if you have an iPhone or iPod touch (or possibly other smart phones, too), check out The Moron Test in iTunes. It's a surprisingly fun and addicting app that has kept me up late the past few nights. It's only 99 cents and I've spent far too much time passing the three levels that are currently available. I think that is probably the true test of the user's intelligence. :) You can read a review of it here and see a video demonstration here if you'd like to know more before investing your hard-earned dollar.

Enjoy your Wednesday!
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