Sunday, June 20, 2010

Top 10 reasons why my husband is the best dad

You know me. I couldn't do a regular post. So here, in my quirky way, I will tell my husband Happy Father's Day.

My husband is the best father ever. End of story. Don't believe me? I will tell you why.

#1. He knows how to make the most realistic snowmen toppers. Do your snowmen toppers look this real? I thought not. Of course, your snowmen toppers probably don't scream either.

#2. He knows that Utah State Aggie Basketball is the best thing ever and he makes sure he passes on the passion to the younger generation. I have a feeling this little one will be yelling at the ref before she knows it. I can hear it now, "Take his whistle...."

#3. He'd fight off a lion for his young. Even when she thinks jumping into his mouth is a fun game. He'd protect her.

#4. He already has in-depth intelligent conversations with his young children. Talking about how easy it would be to swim the Rio Grande, while gazing over the Rio Grande. A poignant lesson on immigration.

#5. Not just lions, this guy would taken on eagles for his young.

#6. He is already helping her out with his daughter's modeling career. He shows the child everything one could possibly need to know about facial expression.

#7. He believes in cooking and eating good food. He is definitely showing the little one the world's good eats.

#8. Would your daddy play dress-up? It takes a man to wear hot pink clip-ons.

#9. This reason is more for me. I just like that I can use the phrase, "Hot for Teacher." Thank you, Van Halen.

#10. He got up with our daughter about once a night until she was two months old. Oh yeah. Beat that. (Considering she was the worst sleeper ever until she was two months old. This one enabled me to get one stretch of four hours a night. I would have gone cuckoo without his help on this one.)

Happy Father's Day.
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