Monday, July 5, 2010

Looking for a good book?

Do you want to know what I am doing when I don't post for a couple of days? No, I am not one of those cool people with this crazy awesome life. I'm......... reading. When I begin reading something wonderful, I tend to forget the other things in my life, besides my family. I can't help but throw myself into a story when I am presented with a good book. After I read a book, good or bad, I love to share it with you so you can find your next good read.

My wonderful web-designer husband decided that a bookshelf bar, somewhat similar to my recipe bar, was in order to house the reviews. If you scroll down my page on the left-hand side, you will find my most recent book reviews. Click on the book you want to know more about and a pop-up window will allow you to read my review and find a link to buy the book if you would like to.

I don't read and review books for any reason other than a love of reading. Reading is one of my top-five favorite things in the whole world and I would love if you would enjoy my favorite pastime with me. Happy reading!
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