Monday, August 30, 2010

Once Upon a Time... It was my SITS day!

Bienvenidos! If I was a radio station, I'd be broadcasting live from South Texas, but since I'm a blogger, I'm posting semi-live from my personal computer. It's all the same really, right? If most radio DJs are broadcasting recipes and crafts across the airwaves, then I guess it is the same. I want to say welcome to all my SITSters joining me from SITS today!
I'm Debra. I am a newspaper reporter/photographer turned stay-at-home mom to a toddler entering the terrible twos, who started blogging because a professor told me to and kept blogging because I truly love it. I spent years scared of my sewing machine and I am still terrified of being forced to do dishes, but those fears aside, I love to sew, read, cook and photograph, and this is where I bring all of those loves together.
Every Tuesday is a Tasty Tuesday, where I show you all the recipes I am cooking up, including Utah State's famous Marv N' Joe. On Wednesdays, my real-life best friend writes a segment about the web. She evens show you how to find your lost phone. On Thursdays, I share a tutorial on how to take better pictures or how to edit them. I love to answer readers' photography questions and help y'all out for your family photo shoots by giving you ideas of what to wear for family pictures. All around those days, I publish book reviews, movie reviews, and all of the crazy crafts that pop into my head, including making origami roses. Sometimes I get a little personal and write letters to my world.

Other than my crazy amount of eclectic posts, we have something kind of special around here. The Housewife Eclectic Blogshare Community is a free blog listing where you can list your blog in any number of categories, including coupons, mommy, family, recipes, reviews, giveaways and such. The Blogshare Community allows readers to find your blog and helps you find new blogs in categories that you are interested in. So, go ahead, sign up your blog, you know you want to.

If you are looking for a little more, you can check out my recipe bar, or my book review bar, both located on the left-hand side of my blog. They are there to help you find your next family dinner or your next must read.
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