Monday, August 30, 2010

Quiet Book Tutorial- Doll with all her clothes

You will need:
Two sheets of felt in a plain color
Felt in a whatever skin color you want
Felt in whatever hair color you want
Felt piece in brown for the wardrobe
Assorted colors for clothes

Download the templates from this post. Cut out one doll in skin tone felt. Cut out one swimming suit in white and then cut middle part out to form underwear for the doll. Sew the underwear onto your doll (I guess you could fabric glue if you are anti sew.) Cut hair out you in color of choice. I cut my hair free hand so there isn't a pattern. Then sew a face on with embroidery floss. Sew doll to background piece.

Cut piece for wardrobe. My piece is six inches by seven inches. Sew a T shape onto your wardrobe so that when it is completely sewed on, the wardrobe will look complete. Add a small running stitch for handles on either side of the base of your T. Sew the wardrobe onto your background. DO NOT SEW THE TOP TO THE BACKGROUND. That is why you sewed a T, so that this can stay open and form a pouch to store your clothes.

My pattern includes a shirt, pants, a skirt, a swim suit and a dress. I cut all different ones from different colors. I used some of the printed felts to make the polka dot shirt, the dress with the purple tie die and the butterfly and frog shirts. I added some stripes to some or some free cut wavy stripes to others. Have fun with them. I hand sewed all of the embellishments onto each piece. You can hardly tell but in the bottom left of the picture is a plain black skirt and plain black pants, so she can mix and match practically any of the outfits. Go ahead, make your dolls stylish.

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Lu said...

Cute! What a stylin' wardrobe she's got. :)

Ronnica said...

Super cute! I like that much better than flimsy paper dolls.

Cranberry Morning said...

This is a lovely idea! I always loved paper dolls, and this is even better. So many possibilities!

Prairie Mother said...

Great idea! I'm definitely stealing this for my little girl. Putting it in a binder would be great for keeping quiet during church.

McKenzie said...

This really inspired me to want to make a little tractor book for my son, same idea but different. You have such a creative imagination!

La Familia Garcia said...

That is cute!! (visiting from SITS happy SITS day!)

Stephanie - Green SAHM said...

That's very cute! So much can be done with felt.

Laurie Turk said...

Fabulous! I have bookmarked this to be featured on Tip Junkie. These would make excellent homemade gifts.


Pinkie said...

Thank you for sharing this. I know my daughter would love to play with this.