Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bathroom Redesign- Ocean Inspired

A little while ago, the upstairs bathroom in my parents house had a couple of massive problems and pipe bursts and my parents were left with a huge mess. Including ruined carpets, ruined paint and walls with air holes carved into them.

The worst part of it was since that bathroom was centrally located in their house. It left most of their house in shambles, especially the downstairs.
While I was there a few weeks ago, the process of restoring parts of the house began. The downstairs bathroom went with a beach theme. We used large shells as the central points in the design and a sandy colored wall paint to tie it all together.
One of my favorite parts of the room is the use of a large shell to hold the decorative soaps.
I have a thing for themed bathrooms. Which is why my bathroom is full of frogs. :)


Megan Harmeyer said...

This looks great!! We've been meaning to re-do the master bath since we moved it (the only room in the entire house that wasn't re-painted when we moved in). The boys' bathroom is fish.

The Bipolar Diva said...

What a great idea, it's beautiful!

Captivus said...

Very nice!

MKS said...

Great job! Can't wait to see more!

hotpants™ said...

I'm trying to decide what to decorate my kid's bathroom in. I have a boy and a girl so I'm wanting something gender neutral.

Great blog! Stopping by from SITS.

Cranberry Morning said...

Nice! And I love the idea of a frog theme. :-) I used to keep a fake turtle in our sink and when guests came, many of them thought he was a real turtle. Now he's 'living' in our little backyard pond, crawling around on the rocks. :-)

nmaha said...

Love the shell soap holder idea.

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