Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photo Thursdays- Making slideshow movies with Picasa

Want to get started with Picasa? Go here to download it for free.
Did you know that you can make slide show movies with Picasa? Picasa is not a movie making program, so if you really get into this type of thing, you would be better off purchasing a program. If all you want is a short slide show movie with some music in the background, Picasa can do that for you.

First select the pictures you want to use in your movie and then click on Create in the top menu.Scroll down and click on movie.

This screen will pop up. It is what the first screen in your movie will look like. Here is where you set how long you want each slide to last and what the transition is going to be. Pick a transition you like because it sticks for the whole movie.

If you want to add music, click load in the top left corner and find your song. Then you can adjust if you want to fit your pictures into the music or not.

Next, at the top you see three menus. One is called movie and the next on is called slide. Click on slide and this where you can change what the name of your movie is. The background color and such of that first screen.

When you are done with your movie. Hit create movie and your movie will process. After it is finished. You will see this screen which will allow you to export your movie or upload it to Youtube for all to see. Let me know if you have any questions on creating your Picasa movie.
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