Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photo Thursdays- Photo Organization on your computer with Picasa

Today, I am going to show your how I organize my photos. Keep in mind, this is just one way to organize your computer.
First off, I use the my picture folder to store all photos. Then I break them down chronologically. I start with one year folder as in below. There is one folder for 2006, one for 2007 and so on.

Then when you enter into the year folders, there are 12 folders. One for each month. I put numbers at the beginning of my folder names so they stay in order when I arrange them by name. I know, I'm OCD.
After the folders are broken up by the months, then I break them up by event. Each even not matter how small gets its own folder. So I know exactly what is in each folder just by looking. 
Even though I keep my folders super organized on my computer, I still use Picasa to help me find them all. Now I am going to show you how Picasa can help you find your pictures.
When Picasa first imports all of your photos, they will look like this. They are in chronological order at this point. The programs reads the digital time stamp on the photo and knows where to put each folder. Keep in mind that it puts the folder in the place of the oldest photo in the folder. So even if all the pictures in one folder were taken in one month and one was taken a week earlier, it will be at the week's earlier place in the lineup of your folders.
If you hate the chronological look, you can switch it by clicking on the other button at the top. It is circled in the above screen shot. This will make your folders look as they are organized on your computer. If you keep your photo folders organized than this may be a good option for you. If you don't, you probably want to stick with chronological.
You can change the name and date of a folder in Picasa too. Just find the folder you want to change the information on. Right click on the folder name and hit edit folder description.
It will take you to this screen where you can edit the name of your folder and when it was taken. You can also add a description to aid you in searching later.
One of my favorite features of Picasa is the ability to create albums. Albums are a gathering of your photos in Picasa without actually pulling any of your pictures out of their original folders. I can have an album of all of my favorite photos on Picasa but if I went looking for those pictures on my computer, they would be right where they are supposed to be in their month/year folders on my computer.
Create an album by selecting your photos and right clicking. The second option from the top says add to album. Select an album from the list or scroll down and create a new album.
The new album screen looks very much like the edit folder screen. Your albums will appear at the top of your Picasa above your folders so you can find them easy.
Now that you photos are organized, you can find them easier. See that search bar in the top right corner of Picasa, if your images are sorted by events you can just type the name of the event in their and those pictures should pop up.
Any more questions on photo organization? Leave a comment and I will help you out.
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