Saturday, October 9, 2010

My South Carolina Discoveries

When I was leaving South Carolina, my sister apologized that we didn't do anything while I was there. While we didn't ever really leave her house, we did so much. I discovered so much about life that I didn't know before. I discovered....
1. That I have pirates for nephews. What a surly, scary bunch. :)

2. That it might be entirely possible to be kissed to death. (My daughter and nephew)
#3. That making a pumpkin pie from complete scratch, makes the pie look darker than when you use canned pumpkin.
#4. I can make sparkling Jello even though Jello took their brand of sparkling jello off the market.
#5. I found out that my sister's minivan is actually amazing to drive and it scared the heck out of me to find myself saying that I didn't mind driving a mini-van.
#6. That two-year-olds can sleep sitting up in a hamper.
#7. That putting me on a scooter has serious entertainment value. I drove up someone's lawn because I couldn't get it turned around.
#8. All you have to do to be considered the world's best aunt, is make your pirate nephews flubber.
#9. I should move to South Carolina if I want to go frog catching.
#10. Fireflies do exist! I saw my first one ever.
and last but not least, I discovered that anyone with twins is my hero. What an incredible amount of energy two babies take.
See, sis, we did more than you know.
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