Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Simple Homemade Sushi

We made this at mother's group about six months ago. It is easy and delicious!

Sheet of sushi seaweed (Nori)
2 c. rice (I use Nishiki rice, but any kind of short grain rice would work. This is important, if you use long grain rice it won't hold together.)
3 c. water
1/2 c rice vinegar
1/3 c. white sugar
1 tsp. salt
imitation crab ( Or the real thing if you aren't poor like me.)
cream cheese
 fillings, such as avocado, carrots, cucumbers

Sauce- Combine the sugar, vinegar and salt over medium heat. Stirring often. When the salt and sugar are dissolved in the vinegar. Allow to cool.

Rice- Wash the rice until the water runs clear. I usually wash the rice about five times in a strainer with small holes. Put the rice on the stove with three cups of water and wait until it boils. When it boils cover and reduce the heat to low. Cook for about 5 minutes and then pull from the stove. Keep the lid on the rice for 10 more minutes to allow to continue to steam.

Combine the sauce and the rice on a cookie sheet. Stir them until thoroughly mixed.

Cut all of your fillings in long spears. Lay out your sushi rolling mat horizontally, I cover mine using Glad Press and Seal and it works so well. Not messy clean up! I also didn't buy a mat specifically for sushi, I bought a place mat that looks like a sushi mat and it works great. Spread rice onto the Nori leaving an edge uncovered to use a seal. Arrange the fillings horizontally across the rice. Wet the edge that you left uncovered, use the rolling mat roll into a tight roll and then use the wet edge to seal the roll. Cut the sushi into circular slices.

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