Friday, October 22, 2010

Tutorial: Frankenstein Halloween Party Favor

Need a craft for a child's classroom or a party favor? This little Frankenstein is your guy. He is super simple to make and fairly cheap. Fill him with candy and he will be the hit of the party.

You will need:
a toilet paper roll
purple, black, white and green construction paper
green pony beads
black yarn
permanent marker

Cut a piece of black construction paper that fits around the whole tube and covers about half the length. Glue into place. Cut a heart shape and then cut the point off and glue onto the bottom as the feet. Cover the rest of the roll with 1/2 white and 1/2 green paper.

Fold little arms, to resemble a gum wrapper, where you met the edges in the back. Glue the arms with the seams towards the roll onto each side of Frankenstein. Rip or use crafting scissors to get the hair look out of a purple piece of paper and glue it on as his hair. Glue the yarn on and have the ends meet in front, so they will fray and look more like a bow tie. Cut a tiny circle and glue over the ends. Draw your face on. Stuff with candy to complete your favor.
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