Friday, November 26, 2010

Photo Thursdays- How to fix blemishes, airbrush and remove wrinkles using Picnik

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, I decided to give you Photo Thursdays today! Last week we started talking about the amazing Picnik is an online web-editing program that has some amazing features. I am going to start by showing you some of those features today. First, find your photo that needs blemishes removed, airbrushing, or wrinkles edited out, and upload it. The upload screen will look like this one below.

After you upload, you will see this screen below. At the top you will see a green navigation bar and then a white navigation bar underneath. The white bar will have your basic features like crop, red eye and such. We want more than basic, so click on the create button in the green navigation bar.
The create button will pop up a whole new set of white tabs. Go to the one that says Touch-up. You will find all sorts of things that will pop up in the side bar. Some of these are free to use on your picture and then save your picture to your computer. If they say premium on them, you have to have a membership to be able to save your picture, but you can try them out, and if you like them enough, maybe you should purchase a membership to Picnik, which I think is well worth the small cost.
The first thing we are going to do is blemish fix. Blemish fix is the first action that pops up in the sidebar. Click on it and it will ask you what size you want your brush to be. You want the brush size to be just bigger than the blemish you are trying to get rid of. When you have the brush size figured out, just click on your blemish and it should vanish or start to fade. If it just faded, click on it a few more times until it is gone. When you are satisfied, click the apply button that appeared in the blemish fix box, and then you can go on to other edits. This particular action is free to use, although I still prefer to fix blemishes in Photoshop.
Two boxes away from the Blemish Fix, you will find Airbrush. Airbrushing smooths out the skin and gives that model-like perfection to a photo. It is best used after the blemish fix. As you can see in the photo below, you can choose either a natural airbrush or strong. I always go with a natural because I don't want the people to look overly fake, but it is up to you. If you want your airbrush to be less strong, just increase the fade on the airbrush. Take the brush and click and drag around the photo. Avoid eyes, teeth, ears and lips. When you are done, just hit apply and the effect will be added to your edits. Sadly, this is a premium option, but Picnik makes this about a million times easier than doing it in Photoshop.
The two photos below will show you the difference between the natural and the strong airbrush. I airbrushed over the eyes so you could see the difference better. The first photo is the strong airbrush; do you see how the eyes are softer?
Then the more natural airbrush.
Last, but not least, I wanted to talk about wrinkle remover. Wrinkle remover is very much like the airbrush tool, but is meant especially for wrinkles. It is amazing at taking out wrinkles. Simply select a brush size that is slightly larger than the wrinkles you want to get rid of and click and drag over your wrinkles. If it looks too fake, increase the fade to bring more of the original photo back in. In the photo below, I took out all of the small wrinkles in her neck. You can compare by looking at the photo above this. With this tool, you need to be careful just to get the wrinkles because, as you can see in the photo below, if you catch other parts, it makes them fuzzy. When you are done, hit apply. If you hate it, just hit cancel and the wrinkle remover will be taken off the photo. Sadly, this is also a premium feature, but it is a great one. I suggest you play around with it for awhile.
When you are done, save the image to your computer. If you have any questions let me know!
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