Monday, November 15, 2010

Quiet Book Tutorial- The Counting Duck Pond

I wish I could say there was some fancy tutorial for this page but it is very, VERY simple. You will need:
A full sheet of brown or green, depending on what you want your background to look like
A full sheet of blue
Scraps of yellow
Scraps of dark green if you want to put grass bits by your pond.

Cut your pond out of the blue. I free hand cut my pond. You are mostly just rounding the edges out. Sew it onto the brown background. At one edge of the pond instead of sewing right near the edge dip down a few inches and then sew leaving a small pocket which will house the duckies.

Cut the duckies out of yellow felt. I cut my ducks free hand so they were all unique looking. I then used embroidery floss and stitched their numbers on them.

See, super simple. I didn't think I would love this page but I really do. We love to sit and count the ducks together.
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