Monday, November 1, 2010

Two cute ways to display your child's artwork

 Both of these cute ideas are from my sister's house. She is one of the most creative people I know so there will probably be some more ideas from her to pop up now and again.

Idea 1: Framing the pictures in document frames on your wall. The most amazing part of this idea is that she printed a small card for each picture that says which child drew it, the title of the piece and the date and age of the child when it was drawn. I love the cards, I think it takes the picture from a random picture to a specific memory.
 Idea 2: She took cord and hung it in a corner. Using three hooks, she was able to drape the cord through the corner and then added clothespins so that her children can change out their artwork. Her kids love this because they are in control of what pieces get displayed and they can change it up as much as they want. My sister loves it because it keeps her house a little more clutter free to have the artwork displayed in the playroom.

There you have it, two ideas to display the kiddos artwork. I hope this helps clear up your fridge a little. :)
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