Monday, December 20, 2010

Cute and Easy Family/neighbor Gift

Have your ever had a Pizookie from BJ's restaurant? There are several restaurant that have similar items on their menu too. It is basically a cookie, baked in its on dish, served hot with a scoop of ice cream on top. It is one of my favorite desserts, but since we don't make it to BJ's often, I stated making them at home. I had small casserole dishes that I inherited from something or another and would make cookies in those. It is a favorite treat of our and I wanted to share our favorite treat with some of the families at our church for Christmas.

I found these cute little baking dishes at the dollar store. Yes! The dollar store. I was a little wary of anything from the dollar store and so I tested them out and the worked great, they are even from a pretty good company! You can use any small baking dish, ramekin or whatever else you can find, as long as it is meant to withstand the heat of the oven. I then bundled two of the dishes with a cookie mix and added ribbon to keep it together. Super simple and relatively affordable depending on how many you are planning on giving out.

How about you? Did you give out any neighbor gifts this year?
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