Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to make e-mail Christmas cards and add some Christmas spirit to your photos using Picnik

Have you guys been over to Picnik yet? Trust me, if you haven't you are missing out.

First, I am going to show you how to make an Christmas card that you can e-mail all of your friends. Upload your picture, like we talked about in past Picnik segments. Then go to the create menu, this month the Christmas effects are in the featured category, so it should be the first thing that pops up under the create menu.

The first item on the side is called 'Send a Greeting.' Click on it and your holiday card options will pop up, like the box below.
Select the card you want. If you pick a card with multiple photos, those blank photos will show with an upload button that you can use to complete your card. Right under the card preview, there are different color option for each card. So you can make the same card in a few different colors.
Hit next and it will allow you to write in the main message of your card. Then click next.
This screen will allow you to put the email of your recipients and a message. Then you can send your greeting straight from Picnik!

Don't need to send a Christmas card but you still want to have some Christmas picture fun? Check out the rest of the featured Christmas effects. Many of them are free to use on your photos and download. Remember any feature that says premium needs a membership to be able to use it.
You can add Santa hats. Just use the simple scaling tools to re size your hats to the right size after you add them to your photos. You can add a hat just by clicking on it. Then click and drag the hat to move it around. If you are not into Santa hats you can winterize your photo. As in the picture below, it will make the blues and shadows stand out in your photos.
You can also add a sprinkling of snowfall. With the snow option, just select snow and how much snow you would like on your photo. Hit apply and you are good to go.
You can also add a snowflake border, this one is a premium feature, but an extremely pretty one.
So go ahead, play around with the Christmas features and make sure to give somebody in your family Rudolph's nose this Christmas. :)
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