Monday, December 13, 2010

My Rock N' Roll Christmas Tree

 This year, I wanted a themed Christmas tree. I wanted the look of the tree to come together with a central theme. My husband is quite a good guitar player/teacher, and I wanted something he would like too. So I went with Rock N' Roll. Here are the ornaments that I made.
 Floating guitar, I love that this one. It actually dangles inside the ornament.
 Rock N' Roll and guitar pick ornaments.

 I centered my whole tree in between one of my husband's guitars and our keyboard to give it more of a music feel.
 I did buy a set of guitar ornaments from Oriental Trading and instead of wrapping the tree in a garland, it is wrapped in patch cables. Which means my husband has an entire month of just playing his acoustic guitars since I stole the cables to his electrics but maybe for next year, he will just decide to let me have those cables and buy new ones. I can dream right?
I filled in the gaps with brown and gold Christmas ornaments. I love the way it turned out, although it is missing a star. My husband was going to make me an origami star out of sheet music but I am having a hard time finding directions that are good enough to follow.

Did you theme your Christmas tree this year?
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