Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photo Thursdays- How to give yourself a tan, add blush, and whiten your teeth using Picnik

Today I am going to tell you about three more Picnik features, including my all time favorite one, teeth whiten.
First go Picnik and upload your photo. Then go to the touch up page, I explained how to get there last week if you are having trouble finding it.

You will find the sunless tan box underneath the skin category. This is what the sunless tan pallet looks like. Pick a color you want to use. The ones on the left are more red based, the ones on the left more yellow based. Pick one that is suitable to your skin tone. You can try them out and then just hit undo if the color is wrong. After that pick your brush size, remember you want to just go over skin, missing the eyes and mouth so pick a brush that will allow you to do that. Then pick your color strength, the less the strength the more natural your tan will appear. Then just drag your mouse over the skin to add the color. Unfortunately, this is a premium feature, so you have to have a member (pretty affordable) to be able to save your photos that you use this on.

Before and After with sunless tanning. This is with 80 percent color strength, with the second color from the left.
The blush application works very much the same way as the sunless tanner but you are just focusing on the cheeks. Select the color you want to add to the cheeks and click and drag over the cheeks of the people in your photo. Adjust the fade for it to appear more natural, the more the fade, the less the color you put on the pictures shows. Unfortunately, this is a premium feature, so you have to have a member (pretty affordable) to be able to save your photos that you use this on.

Before and after on the blush.
This next feature is one of my all time favorite Picnik features and it is a free feature to use! No membership needed. Upload your photo, and select a brush size that will cover the teeth but not the lips or other parts of the mouth because the brush will whiten everything it touches, not just teeth. Click and drag your mouse over the teeth and watch them whiten. I usually use about 50% fade on this application because I don't want the teeth to appear super fake.

Before and After the teeth whiten! Look at that difference.
If you have any questions, let me know!
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