Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WotW: Portable North Pole - Santa's watching!

Happy Wednesday! We've hit crunch time -- only TEN days until Christmas! Ten days to finish your gift list. Ten days of surviving the Mom-It's-almost-Christmas-and-I-want-that phase... If your kids (or some grownups you know) need a little extra reminder that Santa is still watching and that list of his isn't set in stone, try the Portable North Pole.

Using the Portable North Pole, you can create a personalized message from Santa, including your child's page in Santa's book, their Christmas wish, and if they've been good or not this year.  The Portable North Pole includes so many options that every message is sure to be unique!

The only disappointment with the Portable North Pole is that you can't embed the video to put it in a blog or webpage -- you can share it using a direct link, via email or on Facebook or Twitter, though. To see an example message that I put together for our lovely Debra, click here.

To get started, just go to (They also have an iPhone app.)

You'll select whether the recipient is a toddler, a child (3+), or an adult, and enter their name, gender, relationship to you.

Then comes the fun part: you choose what Santa tells the recipient in their personalized message! This is where all the option are. Santa can commend the recipient for a good year, chastise them for a poor year, or even tell them they've done well but need to do better (which is really probably the most accurate, right?). Children even have the option of visiting one of Santa's top-secret workshops: the reindeer training center, the elves' secret quarters ice hall, or the Santa message center.

You further personalize the video with several pictures (optional), depending on your other choices.

Then you finish up by adding a few final details and a delivery email address, previewing the video, and sharing the video. There's also a (free) option of becoming a member of PNP so that you can see all of your videos in one place.

Need some other online Santa entertainment?

Chat with Santa at

 Explore Santa's village at

And, of course, visit to explore another of Santa's village and send Santa a letter, play games in the elves workshop, or track Santa's itinerary on Christmas Eve, courtesy of NORAD.

Merry Christmas!

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