Thursday, January 6, 2011

Creating Collages with Picnik

Did you know that you can make picture collages with Picnik? They are fast and easy. All you need to do is being able to upload the pictures you want in your collage and follow these easy steps.

When you get to the Picnik home page, at the top you will see a collage button. Click on it to go to the collage screen.

The screen below will pop up. On the far left side you will  have the opportunity to select what you want your collage to look like.
The basic collages are free to make and then download but the other collages need to be used with a premium account ($24.95 a year.)
Pick your collage style. Then drag and drop photos into the collage from your photo basket. The pictures you want in your collage aren't uploaded? No problem, just select the 'get from computer' button and upload them.

Or if you are having problems deciding what pictures to use, hit the Auto-fill button and then you can hit shuffle until they are where you want them.

Change the color of your collage by clicking the black or grey box right next to spacing. A color palette will pop up and you can make your selection
You will notice some other selections, such as kookiness. Below is my image with the kookiness option taking up about halfway.
The picture below is normal so you can compare to the other features.
With the rounded corners features used at 50 percent.
With not spacing between the photos.
With the spacing at about 50 percent.
Then adjust your columns and rows if you have a grid collage.
Then adjust the quality.
When you hit the done button, it will allow you to go back to the other special effects.
You can hit the text button to add text to your photo.
Or make the entire collage black and white. You can pretty much use all of the special effects on top of your collage. Then print it or save it to your computer.
If you have any questions about your collages, or anything else in Picnik, let me know.
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