Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photo Thursdays- Digital Scrapbooking with Picnik

Did you know that you can digital scrapbook with Picnik? I told you, this program is amazing. Picnik offers scrapbook pages for Valentine's Day, Summer, Independence Day, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Holidays, Christmas, Winter, Vacation, Heritage, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Back to School and More. Many of the selections are free to use, but a few are labeled premium which means you need a membership*.

I am going to walk you through making a Valentine's Day scrapbook page. First under the create tab, you will want to find the seasonal tab.

Under the seasonal tab, find the one marked Valentine's Day.
Scroll down through the Valentine's effects until you see the selection pictured below.
When you click create collages, you will find all of their digital scrapbook pages. Since we are making a Valentine's collage, scroll down to there.
After you select which of the Valentine's Day selections you want, your page options will pop up on the left hand side. Scroll through the selections until you see a page you like. The empty spaces on the page, are of course places for the pictures. So if a page has two empty frames, it has two spots for pictures.
Your photo basket will automatically appear at the bottom of the page. Which is the last 100 photos you have uploaded to Picnik. If you don't want to use any of those photos, look in the bottom left corner you will see a drop down menu that says 'Get from Computer,' click on that drop down to select the source of your photos, you can get them from your computer, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa web albums and a few others. Once you have selected your photo source, select upload photos.

If you choose to upload from your computer, you will see the screen below, so you can find your photos.
Add your photos by clicking on them in the photo basket and then dragging them to the spot you want them to be. If you decide you want that same photo in a different spot, just click on it in the collage and drag it to another place on the collage. You can also select auto-fill in the top left corner, if you simply can't choose. Below are just some of the examples of collages, there are cards, 12x12 pages

Then you will want to set your quality level. Those with memberships* are allowed to chose the high quality option, which will allow them to print their page as big as a 12x12 scrapbook page. Those without a membership can use the normal option. After your collage is the way you want it, select the customize button in the top right corner. It will take you back to the create menu and you can add extra text, effects or stickers to your page.
Since text seems to be the mostly likely thing you will want to add, I have decided to highlight that. Select the text menu under the create menu. It is third from the left. After you do, this page below will come up. Type your text in the area circled in the picture below and then click add. Your text will be added to the page.
A close of up of the text and add button. You can change fonts by scrolling through the fonts underneath the add button and finding the one you want and selecting it.
Your font will appear on your page. Move it around to where you want it. Change the color of the text with the appearance box on the right hand side of the page.
After your color is selecting and your positioning in the right place, you can resize it by grabbing one of the four corner and stretching or shrinking.
As well as text, you can add a whole selection of stickers to your page. Select the sticker you want and it will be added to the page. You can change the color and size of it, just the way you would with the text. Then you can turn your page black and white, sepia, or leave it color.
Then save it to your computer, buzz, flicker, Picasa or print it to your printer.

* I recommend upgrading, more and more of my readers are sending me messages that they have upgraded and are loving it!  It is $4.95 for a month, $19.95 for six months or $24.95 for a year
P.S. I don't get paid anything to tell you to upgrade, I just love Picnik and hope you do too
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