Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photo Thursdays- Valentine's Photo Effects with Picnik

If you are like me, then you think photographs make the perfect gift for many occasions. If you want to to spruce up some of your photos for Valentine's gifts, then look no further, Picnik makes this quick and easy. You can find the Valentine's effects currently under the featured section in the create menu. You can then select which of the following features is perfect for your photo.

This first feature is called Love Flare. It puts a large heart onto your photograph. You can then change the size and rotation of the heart with the sliders. You can change the tint by clicking on the colored box to pretty much any color imaginable. If you don't want to the heart to look as prominent, turn up the fade on the effect box and the heart will fade. The Love Flare effect is a free effect, so we can all enjoy it.
A photo with the Love Flare effect.
Heart's Desire adds a sort of pink tone to your photograph. You will see a circle appear on your photograph when you add this effect. Click and drag that circle until it is over the focal point of your picture, usually the faces in the photo. If you need the circle to be larger to cover the faces, drag the slider on the focal size up. You can then decide how much fade you want on the effect. The higher your slide the fade bar up, the more of the original photograph will shine through. This effect is also free for everyone to use.
A photo with the Heart's Desire effect.
This next effect is a premium effect, meaning you need to have a membership* to be able to save photos with this effect on it to your computer. This effect will add a heart frame to your photo. Click the X in the middle of the heart and drag it to center the heart where you want it on the photograph. If you need the heart to be bigger, slide the size bar up. You can also change the rotation and if you don't want your heart to be red, change the color by clicking on the frame tint box and selecting your color from the many in the palette.
A photo with the Heart Frame effect.
Bokeh Hearts is also a premium effect, so you will need a membership* to get these little glowing hearts. Basically, this effect adds little glowing hearts, almost like Christmas Lights, all over your photograph.
The nice thing about this effect, is you can do something called effect painting, meaning you can erase the effect from certain areas of the photograph. Effect painting allows us to still have the effect but erase it from areas of the photograph such as people's faces. Set the effect painting to paint back on the original and then click and drag your brush over the areas of the picture that you don't want the effect to appear.
A picture with the Bokeh Hearts effect.
The last effects are all frames. You can use a frame of conversation hearts or of roses. Select the frame you want and it will apply it to the edges of your photograph.
The only think you can really change about the photo is how big the frame is. The following photo is with the frame as small as it can go.
With the frame set to much larger. The conversation hearts frame is free to use but the roses frame requires a membership*.
The roses frame.
Now that you can see the cute Valentine's effects that Picnik can do. Go create something really special for your Valentine.

* I recommend upgrading, more and more of my readers are sending me messages that they have upgraded and are loving it!  It is $4.95 for a month, $19.95 for six months or $24.95 for a year
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