Monday, March 14, 2011

Clear Vinyl and School work make an easy learning table cloth

Somewhere along the line, I got my days and nights screwed up. I am currently in the mode to stay up all night and then sleep for a few hours in the morning. In so many ways it is bad, but I am discovering I am way more creative at night. More creative and addicted to watching Veronica Mars while I craft. (See honey, I am being productive. Kind of. Sort of. A little.) Anyways, since that project needs a few finishing touches before I can share, I thought I would take you with me into a glimpse into my sister's house.

My sister is fun, creative and always thinking of ways to help teach her children. She has taken to putting the worksheets that her children get from Sunday School and school on her kitchen table under a piece of vinyl so they remember to talk about what the kids are learning at dinner each night. I witnessed her family do this many times while I was out there visiting and the kids love it. They love displaying their worksheets and getting to talk about what they do at school each day.

The vinyl is something my mom did when we were kids. She loved the color and look of her table and so she didn't want to cover it up but she didn't want us to ruin her nice table. Clear vinyl was her answer. She bought the vinyl by the yard and then used it to cover the table so everyone could still see the table and she knew it was safe from her kids. My sister than took the idea one step further and added the artwork. They change the artwork/worksheets out every couple of weeks and they always have something to talk about at dinner.
What are some things you do at your house to keep your kids learning?
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