Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photo Thursdays- How to make boogers less noticeable

It has happened to me so many times. I will be taking pictures of my little girl and her face will look completely clean to me and then I will get the images on the computer and realize that she did have something on her face. No problem, just use the healing tool and her face is clean again. What if the problem is a little booger in the nose? It is harder to use the healing tool in this area, so let's take a different approach.

Zoom in on the problem area. You want be close enough that you can see the area clearly, but not so close that you can't see the colors of the big picture.

Select your burn tool, it is shaped like a little hand. If you have another tool in the area of the burn tool, such as a little sponge, you will need to right click on the shape and change the menu to the burn tool. You will then need to select your brush size. I like my brush is be pretty small, about a 12. Then select your range, if the problem area is really dark, then select shadows. Set your exposure about 50 percent, this will make the burn less noticeable.

Click over the booger, until it fades. Be careful not to click too much or it will be obvious that one area is darker than others. You are try to darken the booger to match the rest of the nose area.
Then you should have either a vanished booger or one that is extremely less noticeable. 

How about your family, is this a problem you run into a lot?
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