Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WotW: Google really is listening!

Remember last week when I told you how Google may or may not be stalking me?

Well, the may not was the correct part.

Google is not stalking me.

It is more correct to say that the Google PTB (powers that be) and I share a brain link.

image source

Normally brain links are limited to best friends who are always online just when you need them. (Hi Debra!)

But in this case I'll make an exception and concede that my mental powers (limited as they may be somedays!) may be linked with the thoughts of the PTB at Google.


Last Wednesday I shared my Blogger wishlist.

Last Wednesday Blogger asked for my (and your) two cents.

See what I mean? Brain link.

Unfortunately, Blogger has since closed that survey (sorry!)... but their feature suggestion page is always open! And it's really a pretty cool system they've got going.

You log in with your Google account, and then you can either vote on other people's suggestions (yes it's a good idea, no it's not a good idea, or meh), or make your own suggestions:

So head on over and make your vote(s) count!

Thanks for reading!

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Amy said...

Can you explain the new viewing possibilities that blogger is offering. I went to the page today and got so confused. I thought, "I need Lu to tell me what I'm seeing".

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I didn't know about the feature suggestion page. I'm definitely going over to check it out. And I second Amy's suggestion on the new viewing possibilities... what are they talking about?!?

Lu said...

Ooh, thanks for the heads up! I will definitely check out the new viewing possibilities and get back with you next week, ladies. Thanks for giving me my topic :) I think I understand what they're talking about, but I agree, Amy -- confusing! I'll play around with all the bells and whistles and report back!