Friday, April 22, 2011

Lace Trim Flowers- Stashbusting Craft #4

You can read about my previous stashbusting entries, here (Stationary/Car Organizer), here (No Sew Zipper Roses) and here (Flower Pens).
Remember the flower pens from yesterday? Today I will show you how to make the cute lace flower, using just some lace trim, hot glue and a button. The second I saw this cute lace in my stashbusting box, I knew it was meant to be a pretty flower and after a few previous fails of this type of flower, I was very happy that this one turned out they way I wanted it to.

First fold a loop with your trim.
 Fold the lace over the bottom of your loop and fold another loop.
 Repeat until you have three loops. Cut the trim and hot glue the bottom of the piece so it will stay intact.
 Repeat four times until you have four groups of three loops. Your flower looks the fullest when you separate it into four groups, I have tried to do this as one piece of trim before and it just doesn't look as nice.
 Arrange your groups until it looks like a full flower and then hot glue together.
 Add a button to the middle, then you can add your flower to a pen or an alligator clip for your hair.
My daughter loved the pink lace flower so much that she ended up ripping it off the pen, so I put in on a clip for her hair, she actually likes the flower enough to leave it in her hair for about 5 minutes, which is three minutes longer than normal, so I would say a success. :)

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