Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photoshop's Online Editor Software

Did you know that Photoshop has an online editor? You can use the editor to complete basic tasks such as cropping, red eye and turning your images black and white. 
When you follow the link, first you will see the image below. Upload the photo you want to edit. 

 The online editor currently only supports JPEG format, so make sure that is what your image is when you upload it.
 The image below is how the editor looks after you have uploaded an image. On the far left you will see the menu of the different edits you can make to your image.
 You can crop and rotate your image, make sure to use the dimensions drop down menu found in the left corner of the screen. This will allow you to free form crop or crop to a dimension.
 One of the neat things about this editor is the ability to select one of the different edits they have prepared for you. For instance, when you select saturation on the menu as I have done below, the row of pictures will appear up top. The row of pictures shows my image in various degrees of saturation, I can then select the one that matches what I was going for.
 The editor does this for all of the different effects, such as black and white. In the image below, you can see that if offers you a selection of your image, all in black and white but with various degrees of highlights and contrast.

 The editor also has some fun effects such as pop color and distort that you can play around with.
 When you are done with your image, click done in the lower right corner and it will allow you to save the image to your computer with the screen below.
This is just a basic overview of Photoshop's online editor, we will go more in depth on how to use individual features in future posts. So have fun playing around and editing your photos in the online editor. What do you want to create?
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