Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tutorial Flower Pens and Pot- Stashbusting Craft #3

I wasn't feeling very snap happy this morning, so I decided to forgo Photo Thursdays today, in order to post another stashbusting craft. I personally love flower pens. They make my desk brighter, my husband however thinks they are too girly. I need to make him manly pens or something, but alas that is for another post.
Here is what I used for these pens:
Lace flower (I made this with stuff from my stashbusting box. The tutorial is coming tomorrow.)
Fake flowers
Green Duct Tape (From the stashbusting box)
Green Pipe Cleaners (From the stashbusting box)
Spanish Moss (From the stashbusting box)
Brown paint and hot glue
I made my non-lace flowers like this, minus the alligator clips.
I wrapped the pens in green duct tape and then hot glue a pipe cleaner to the back of my flowers. After the pen was covered in tape, I attached the flower, by the pipe cleaner with another strip of the duct tape.

I pulled this container out of my stash, I was only too happy to use it. I have had it for probably 4 years and it has moved from house to house with me. I have tried to throw it away many times, but it finally found its place  full of Spanish Moss. The wonderful thing about the Spanish Moss is that you don't have to put a foam core in the middle of the pot for you pens to stand up straight.
I seem to have some sort of writing theme going on here. You can check out my other stashbusting posts, a stationary/car organizer and no sew zipper flowers, that were originally supposed to go on the pens too. A special thanks to Dollar Store Crafts, for allowing me to play along with the stashbusting boxes.
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