Thursday, May 5, 2011

Photo Thursdays- My Favorite Printers - Shutterfly

One of the questions I get asked the most, is where I print my photos. I thought I would start a series on my favorite printers and tell you about why I love them.

It is no secret that I love Shutterfly. Shutterfly is an online printing service. You upload your photographs through their site and then select the images you want to print and the prints are shipped to you. Shutterfly also prints high quality photos books that I love. I have made more than 50 Shutterfly books for my parents, my in-laws, clients and for myself. They continually impress me with their high quality printing and excellent customer service.   

 One of my favorite things about Shutterfly is their 100 percent customer guarantee. In all of the years I have been printing with Shutterfly, I have only had one print I felt didn't meet my standards. I contacted Shutterfly, expressed my frustration and they immediately fixed the problem.
 Another reason I can't get enough of Shutterfly, they store your photos for free at full resolution on their site and they never delete them. So I know if something horrible happens to my computer, I am not going to lose my photos. I will still have all of the sweet images of my child and that offers me A LOT of peace of mind.
 Shutterfly offers a lot of different products. Photo books up to 12x12, mugs, notepads, cards, magnets and many more items.

Shutterfly makes it easy to find pictures you have previously uploaded by keeping everything in albums.
 When you upload pictures to Shutterfly, you can go straight to the site and upload or you can download their Express Uploader to your computer. What I love about the Express Uploader is that if I stop an upload, mid-upload and close the program, if I open up the program later on it is ready to go in the same place that I stopped it.
Shutterfly also has some amazing share sites. You can easily create your own site for free and then add photographs to it for others to see and download. I take a lot of photos of my friend's children at playgroups and such, so I use a Shutterfly share site to share those photos with them. It makes it easy because I don't have to burn a million CDS anymore and my friends can just select the photos they want to download. 
Shutterfly is easily one of my favorite printers, so go ahead and try them out. You will get 50 free 4x6s just for signing up!

Shutterfly did not pay me to write this, I just love them and think you should too!

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